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Approach to Research

A Reputation for Action

America's business and service organizations spend countless millions each year on research. They investigate everything from the attitudes of their customers to the curl of the letters in their logo.

Despite noble intentions, much of this research ends up gathering dust on the shelf - unused or unusable for meaningful marketing purposes.

Yet, the research developed and executed by Moosbrugger Marketing Research has a reputation for just the opposite. It stimulates the marketing process, encourages action, and points toward solutions that add muscle to the marketing effort.

Spend a minute with this brochure and you'll understand the underlying principles and disciplines that make research from Moosbrugger Marketing Research such an actionable tool in your decision-making.

Planning for Action is a Must

Anyone can write marketing research questions.

The trick is, are they the right questions?

The key to effective marketing research is specifying the management decisions that need to be made and the information needed to make sound decisions

Those decisions can then be converted into management hypotheses for testing in the marketing research. The more tightly those management hypotheses are rendered, the more valuable the results of the marketing research.

Moosbrugger Marketing Research actively involves your management team on the front end, stimulating and focusing their thought processes. This approach of involvement in the management issues is the surest means to avoid merely "interesting" information at the end of the marketing research effort.

Point-of-View Makes Action Possible

Your key to action-oriented answers is in the marketing perspective Moosbrugger Marketing Research brings to interpret the data.

The firm goes beyond reporting facts and figures to addressing the management issues from a marketing perspective. It reflects on these issues in light of the marketplace data and business concerns faced by your organizations.

The result is well developed thinking, a fresh perspective, and a tangible plan of action.

Tools for Action

Moosbrugger Marketing Research selects the appropriate research methodology to get the answers you need.

Qualitative Research. Can be used to improve, enhance, and make existing services more effective, to help position new product ventures, delve into attitudes and perceptions, and investigate reactions to advertising campaigns. Qualitative research allows you to capture the in-depth understanding of how the marketplace works, what it values, what turns it off, and what it responds to. Focus groups and one-on-one personal interviews are an area of strong expertise of Moosbrugger Marketing Research.

Quantitative Research. Accurate, statistical research designed to allow you to obtain meaningful information for planning and action. Includes demand projections for new venture feasibility studies, community attitude tracking studies, product tests, advertising tests, employee morale studies, physician surveys, and surveys of business decision-makers. Random telephone surveys, mall product tests, and self-administered mail questionnaires are among the techniques commonly used by Moosbrugger Marketing Research.

Research Consulting. Consultation sessions to meet your individual needs. We can determine if research is even appropriate to address your particular problem, design a comprehensive research plan, or evaluate, analyze, and make recommendations based on interviewing completed by others.

Research Seminars. Seminars for your executives, board members, medical staff, and line managers. Designed to make participants aware of the potential of research, how to properly prepare for research, and how to glean all the insights possible from marketing research.

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Our People Get the Action Rolling

The discipline and science of marketing research are the foundation of our business. But it is our people who allow us to offer our clients the experience and insight that produce action-oriented research.

It begins with Mary Moosbrugger, president and CEO of our organization. Her years of quantitative and qualitative research experience have given her a unique perspective on your business. She draws on a background of consumer, business-to-business, banking, consulting, advertising, and health care client relationships to understand what it takes to deliver information you can use.

Supporting her is a team of Study Managers who build on this experience and knowledge base. So working for you, is a group of professionals who go far beyond tabulating and reporting data. They form a creative research team dedicated to uncovering answers you can act on. And they ensure that your projects stay on target and on schedule.

Action-Ready Information

Moosbrugger Marketing Research provides you with readable, usable information from every research study.

An executive summary focuses concisely on what the data reveals about the management hypotheses explored. It weighs alternative actions you could take to solve your marketing problem and makes clear-cut recommendations.

An in-depth analysis of the data supports these conclusions and recommendations and brings the full implications of the data to light.

Mobilizing Action Requires Dynamic Feedback

It isn't enough for one or a few people to have an in-depth grasp of the marketplace. For you to be successful, numerous participants need to be involved, coordinated, and melded into a marketing team focused on creativity and change in the marketplace. Moosbrugger Marketing Research can effectively communicate your research findings to create broad-based buy-in and excitement for follow-up marketing strategies.

Action You Need to Take

For more information about the action-oriented marketing research provided by Moosbrugger Marketing Research, contact Mary C. Moosbrugger at 864-944-8965.